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The Most Effective Way Promote Your Attraction

Harness the power of your visitors’ content with SnapSea’s user-generated content (UGC) platform to promote the unique appeal of your attraction.

Reach new audiences, acquire content that converts and elevate your marketing campaigns.
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successful instagram posts of our clients
Identify and acquire your visitors’ authentic content
Today’s travellers do plenty of their own research before deciding where to travel next. Strong visuals and word-of-mouth marketing are two of the most important factors in capturing the hearts of willing travellers.
SnapSea’s user-generated content (UGC) platform sources content from the largest social networks each and every night to bring you the most relevant content for your attraction.

Our market-leading SmartCurate feature, powered by artificial intelligence and content experts filters down the troves of UGC to show you relevant, high-quality visuals that will attract travellers to your attraction.
Discover and Source UGC
successful instagram posts of our clients
chat to request to acquire the rights on user-generated content
Grow audiences through engagement and ambassadors
Encouraging past visitors to share positive experiences about your client’s attraction or place is the most effective form of marketing. Engage with your visitors and establish a community of ambassadors through SnapSea’s UGC approval process.
SnapSea creates and stores a digital handshake between you and your content creators to ensure rights-approved visuals are consented to and retained.
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increase of engagement rate with user-generated content
Establish a community of recurring visitors
Utilising content from satisfied visitors generates social proof for your attraction, but can also establish a sense of community with your previous visitors as they become a part of your brand’s inner circle.

Creators and visitors that are brought into your community are more likely to return back to your business and act as an evangelist to encourage their friends and family to visit your attraction.
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increase of engagement rate with user-generated content
successful instagram posts with user-generated content
Discover influencers and untapped creator potential
Search through SnapSea’s database of travel creators, influencers and amateur photographers to find the right creator for your campaign. Search and filter by engagement, past content and more.
Create, share and organise lists of creators for future collaboration, paid ads or campaigns to attract more visitors to your business.
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creation of an instagram post with user-generated content
Schedule and share your best content with ease
Select your favourite visuals directly from your library and schedule posts to your connected social channels. No downloading or editing is needed.
Add all of your team’s Facebook and Instagram social accounts to your SnapSea.
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creation of an instagram post with user-generated content
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A robust solution for innovative attractions
Transform the way you source, manage and share content with your audience.

SnapSea powers attractions large and scale to save time and money spent on acquiring, managing and sharing visual assets.

Our market-leading platform was built with the needs of the travel industry in mind and has helped brands grow their audience, acquire thousands of images and videos and increase visitor revenue.
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