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Inspire Travellers Through Powerful Visuals

SnapSea’s market-leading user-generated content (UGC) platform for destinations helps modern marketers expand their reach and solidify repeat visits.

Discover, source and share content that tells your destination’s story.
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 engagement rate
Stand out from the crowd and attract travellers
Today’s travellers do plenty of their own research before deciding where to travel next. Strong visuals and word-of-mouth marketing are two of the most important factors in capturing the hearts of willing travellers.
Discover Content that Converts
SnapSea’s user-generated content (UGC) platform sources content from the largest social networks each and every night to bring you the most relevant content for your destination or region.

Our market-leading SmartCurate feature, powered by artificial intelligence and content experts filters down the troves of UGC to show you relevant, high-quality visuals that will attract travellers to your destination.
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instagram post with user-generated content highlighting an increase in
 engagement rate
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Empower your visitors to market on your behalf
Satisfied travellers are your destination’s greatest asset. Their experiences, reviews and content generate word-of-mouth marketing that can reach new audiences, encourage in and out-of-network travellers and act as the key driver behind your destination marketing organisation’s growth.
Encouraging past travellers and locals to share positive experiences about your destination is the most effective form of marketing. Engage with your locals and visitors and establish a community of ambassadors through SnapSea’s UGC approval process.
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Find the best of your destination on social media
Large quantities of user-generated content (UGC) are generated, shared and circulated by millions of people all around the globe at any given time. Events, festivals, sunsets, sunrises and absolutely everything in between are captured by cameras, phones and more. SnapSea’s platform enables your destination marketing organisation to harness the power of UGC for your own travel marketing.
SnapSea creates and stores a digital handshake between you and your content creators to ensure rights-approved visuals are consented to and retained.
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curated user-generated post in 
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Achieve your marketing goals by using visuals that convert
SnapSea’s suite of sharing tools allows you to ensure your visuals are put to good use in galleries, public folders, direct social media integrations and custom widgets.
Insights about your Imagery
Identify visuals that are driving more traffic to your targeted web pages in order to track your most effective content to drive conversions.
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difference between branded content and user-generated content
The difference between branded content and UGC
SnapSea is the easiest way to acquire authentic user-generated content for your online and offline destination marketing campaigns.

Over branded content, UGC generates more social proof and credibility for your destination by highlighting real visitor experiences to your audience.
Share compelling UGC across your online and offline channels to tap into network effects and expand your reach across new audiences.
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difference between branded content and user-generated content
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Harness the potential of UGC
Transform the way you source, manage and share content with your audience.

SnapSea powers local and regional destinations, facilitating the acquisition, management and distribution of user-generated content.

Our market-leading platform was built with the needs of destination marketers in mind and has helped countless destinations grow their audience, acquire thousands of images and videos and grow visitor revenue.
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