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4 Tourism Campaigns That Went Viral

Learn why these 4 tourism campaigns went viral

Tam Nguyen
October 28, 2022
Going viral on the internet has become a crucial marketing goal for many tourism brands as it increases exposure.

When discussing creative campaigns, we cannot forget tourism DMOs and agencies' travel content. You might be surprised that not all campaigns involve drone shots, beautiful views, and happy families. Even though professional shots show off the city's beauty, some content is outdated and does not have the same effect on viewers. Here are 4 examples of highly effective tourism campaigns that went viral. 

1. Join the Metaverse at Icelandverse with Visit Iceland 

Why the campaign went viral?

Relevancy keeps marketing content exciting and has a high chance of going viral!

Right after the name change in 2021 from Facebook to Meta by Mark Zuckerberg, Visit Iceland quickly released a promo video mimicking the virtual reality Metaverse. 

In the video, a virtual narrator describes the view you can see, from mountains and rivers to realistic horse rides. In regards to the controversial reactions to Metaverse, Icelandverse portrays the confusion of viewers and shows what it is like to "visit" a destination virtually. The campaign is brilliant for its mocking tone towards the virtual environment and how we should not forget about the experience we can get from travelling in real life. 

What to learn from the campaign?

One takeaway from this campaign is that effective marketing needs to be relevant. In order to go viral, marketers need to stay up to date with "viral" events happening worldwide. 

2. Keep Scotland unique with "Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly" 

Why the campaign went viral?

Meaningful messages build meaningful campaigns.

Visit Scotland "Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly" highlights the spectacular landscapes and friendly travel experience while reiterating the responsibility towards the wildlife. Scotland hosts valuable natural resources and a rich ecosystem and wants to retain its country's treasures. The video strikes a balance of welcome and requests to travel responsibly. 

What to learn from the campaign?

Viewers are attracted to the storyline and messages. A video campaign is more successful when there is something the viewers can learn from. Not only do they want to see the fantastic views but also the amount that the country values its natural assets. 

3. Mālama Hawaii viral video campaign 

Why the campaign went viral?

Malama Hawaii became popular for teaching visitors about their traditions.

With Honolulu, Oahu and, Kahalui, Maui being America's most touristic destinations, it is essential for them to also educate the visitors of their traditions and culture. In Hawaiian, "mālama" means to "take care." Occupy by the Indigenous ethnic group of Polynesian people, there is a lot to learn and respect. Acknowledging that many tourists do not know much about Polynesian traditions and beliefs, Māllama Hawaii talks about the living things that inhabit Hawaii and the human on the island.

What to learn from the campaign?

As a marketer, it is vital to teaching viewers about the culture and tradition to mitigate destructive and disrespectful behaviours. Meaningful vacations are not possible without respectful manners. 

4. Manhattan Tie Dye July Campaign attracts families

Why the campaign went viral?

Entertaining activities are incentives to travel. 

The Children's Museum of Manhattan did a great job attracting local visitors to its display. Every day in July, the museum invites families to come and make tie-dye products. This fun activity became viral and was a lovely weekend outing for many families. 

What to learn from the campaign?

Simple and small events can also attract consumers. There is always room for creativity to shine while spending minimal advertising. Events like tie-dye July are feasible for many destinations while building a great brand image. 

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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