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Case Study: Tatton Park

How one of the UK's top travel destinations uses SnapSea

Danielle Stringer
September 14, 2021
From Japanese gardens to family farms and much more, Tatton Park's scenic parkland has become a favourite destination for many families within the UK. Learn how their collaboration with SnapSea has led to the acquisition of powerful user-generated content.

Recognising a need for User-Generated Content (UGC)

When you have spent years building a world-class attraction, hosting countless visitors, and fostering a community of happy and satisfied guests, they begin to give back. They share, they post, and they pass on positive experiences to their friends, families, and colleagues, acting as promoters for your brand.


Before using SnapSea, Tatton Park didn't have access to a tool that allowed them to tap into the powerful content shared by their visitors. They realised the potential power of UGC; however, they needed a methodical process to discover and safely acquire the rights to this myriad of content.

Considering how much time it would take to scroll through social media feeds to find the right content, Tatton Park chose SnapSea as an easy-to-use platform that would find content aligned with their brand ethos.

Benefits of using a visual marketing platform like Snapsea

SnapSea made the entire process from sourcing to posting content seamless. The AI-powered platform identified the best UGC by filtering through top-producing hashtags, themes, and keywordswhich was then added to a personalised board. All Tatton Park had to do was browse through the curated UGC board and select which photos and videos they wanted to request rights for.

Whenever their preferences for UGC shifted (i.e. they wanted to focus on showcasing winter-themed content leading up to their “Christmas at the Farm” event), SnapSea was able to quickly identify appropriate UGC assets thanks to its continuous curation cycle.

How Tatton Park successfully utilises a variety of UGC

On top of this scenic estate being admired for its Japanese Gardens, family farms, and wildlife, Tatton Park was also known for its seasonal events. The harvest festival and antique fair are a couple of examples of events that resulted in happy visitors and more opportunities to utilise UGC.

Due to the sheer amount of content that visitors were capturing year-round, Tatton Park was able to tap into a variety of UGC for regular sharing. The versatility of content catches the eyes of users scrolling through their social media feeds and compels existing followers to keep coming back for more.

More about Tatton Park

Enjoy 1,000 acres of sweeping Parkland, where ancient deer herds freely wander, and fragrant, formal Gardens that take you around the world to the Japanese Garden’s symbolic harmony with nature. The 18th-century Mansion displays treasured collections of the well-travelled Egerton family whilst the working Farm, at the heart of this complete estate, brings to life a ‘field to fork’ story through bygone farmworkers, rare breed animals, and seasonal demonstrations.

For more information on how to utilise UGC to maximise your brand, head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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