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What's new in the latest release of SnapSea!

Cody Dillabough
May 17, 2022
Discover the latest features released in SnapSea's UGC and Visual Marketing platform!

What's the logical next step after finding the best content about your attraction, destination or local area? Discovering who is producing all that wonderful content on your behalf.

In the latest release of SnapSea, we've added a whole new feature for you to discover, track and add notes to individual content creators producing content on the hashtags you care about.

Additionally, we've improved the request process for both users and clients, the management of collections, social contests and external access rights. And there's more!

Introducing Creators

Discover influential content creators and influencers at ease.

Are you sorting through a maze of so-called "influencers" by saving accounts on your phone? Maybe you are jotting down notes about what interactions you've had with them in the past? Or are you just trying to learn about your audience and the types of people visiting your destination?

SnapSea's new creator features help you discover, save and manage creator interactions in intuitive lists. From discovering all the content they have produced on your followed hashtags, to determining what rate of their content has been classified by SnapSea's SmartCurate to be relevant and of high-quality - SnapSea's creator panel makes discovery a snap.

Once you have found a creator of interest, save them to custom lists, add notes and start building shortlists of the best creators for your brand.

To learn more about our creator tools, request a demo here.

An easier way to request content

Interact with the highest-quality UGC

SnapSea's powerful SmartCurate algorithm and improved Collect interface allows you to discover themes, hashtags and users and request the rights to feature their content on your social feed, your website and other online and offline campaigns.

A one-click request process initiates a tracked approval immediately, and new and improved search capabilities allow you to dig up the perfect piece of content for your campaign. 

Deeper Hashtag Analytics

Determine which hashtags are producing high-quality content for your brand.

No two hashtags are the same. Certain hashtags produce an abundance of content, while others are utilised by your biggest fans. SnapSea's hashtag analytics allows you to investigate what hashtags are producing impactful content for your brand and how much content is filtered out by SnapSea's SmartCurate filters.

Learn more about sourcing user-generated content effectively here.

For more information on how to utilise UGC to maximise your brand, head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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