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How to Diversify Your Visual Content Across Your Marketing Channels

Diversify your marketing platforms with visual content for greater customer engagement and brand recognition.

Danielle Stringer
November 25, 2021
Visual content in the form of images and videos captures the attention of leads far better than text. Learn how to elevate your visual content game!

In some cases, the same visual content will appear on your social media, website, and print marketing materials. It is inevitable that at some point during the creative process, content burnout will happen due to a lack of time and resources. Therefore, diversifying your visual content across all marketing platforms is essential for staying relevant and making your brand memorable. 

Diversity is abundant in the world of visual content that goes beyond lifeless static images. Adding infographics, collages, and slideshows to your marketing platforms will elevate the quality of what you post and draw visitors deeper into your content. 

Unsure what visual content to post and where? This blog covers a few visual content formats that you can incorporate across your print and digital marketing channels.

Incorporate infographics on social media

Clay Banks on Unsplash

Infographics incorporate complex statistics into an attractive visual display, making it easier for visitors to digest than data-heavy information. Is there a fact or a survey response you would like to share with your audience? Choose to make it stand out in an infographic and send your visitors on a visual journey.

Put your efforts into the font, colour, and layout when it comes down to designing an infographic such as:

  • Choose colours that make your text pop off the page
  •  Don’t use more than two fonts
  •  Create a logical visual flow

Infographics perform the best on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They succeed at breaking through the visual overload many users encounter when browsing their social feeds.

Added bonus: Infographics are 3x more likely to be shared on social media. The power of a share can increase your post's visibility and enable other viewers to discover your brand (who may not have found your account organically).

Use a visual collage on print marketing materials

Print marketing isn’t dead. Direct mail pieces, brochures, and trifold pamphlets allow the consumer to learn about your brand tangibly (through touch and feel). Consumers still value having print material to flip through and keep on hand for reference later—something that can’t be reproduced online. 

Print materials should always work in conjunction with your digital marketing channels. Alongside a strong call to action and well-written copy, dynamic visual content is essential to add to the mix. 

One disadvantage of direct mail pieces and brochures is that they have a limited amount of space. A collage or photo grid overcomes this problem by combining your favoured images in one attractive layout.

Tip: Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many photos. Choose 5-7 images you think best represent your brand and assemble them into a collage. Whether your print marketing materials are reaching new or returning consumers, tell your story through a collage of visual content.

Ensure your print marketing material serves its purpose: to promote your offerings diversely. 

Develop an image slideshow for your website

Visual content can be spread across multiple pages on your website. However, your brand may want to consider an image slideshow on your homepage, given that this is the primary point of access to your site. This presentable format is a strategy to grab visitors' attention and entice them to click through to the next page. 

With an image slideshow, visitors are presented with a gallery of images that can be swiped through manually. Alternatively, the images can be set up to rotate automatically after a certain amount of time.

Visit Kent, a destination marketing organisation promoting travel to the county of Southeastern England, features an impressive image slideshow on their homepage. From highlighting the best stores for holiday shopping to the festive Christmas markets, this interactive slideshow is nothing short of dazzling. Each image in the slideshow features an arrow icon that links out to a separate, corresponding webpage. This easily allows potential visitors to find out when and where these events are taking place!

Landing Page Slideshow by Visit Kent

Communicating your offer in a visual format (and with motion) keeps the average visitor on your website for longer. The better the quality of images on your homepage, the more likely a visitor will return to your website.

The main goal of visual content is to evoke an emotion, tell a story, and convince your target audience to take action. Regardless of what format you decide to choose, make sure your visual content communicates your message clearly from the very beginning and engages everyone. 

For more information on how to utilise visual content to maximise your brand, head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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