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Media Release: Vloggi and SnapSea sign strategic partnership agreement in user-generated content play

SnapSea to work with Vloggi to jointly market services, and enhance their respective product offerings.

The SnapSea Team
December 1, 2021
SnapSea to announce a strategic partnership with Australian video UGC tool, Vloggi
  • Vloggi and SnapSea to jointly market services
  • Vloggi technology will be integrated into SnapSea suite of services
  • SnapSea’s rights management platform offered by Vloggi alongside video collecting

LONDON, UK & SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 1 December 2021 - Sydney-based video messaging scale-up Vloggi and London-based user-generated content management platform SnapSea have announced that they will form a partnership to jointly market, promote and develop user-generated content technology. The partnership is complimentary, as each platform covers a separate part of the burgeoning user-generated content market.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, Vloggi and SnapSea will promote and refer each other’s services in their respective home markets and vertical niches. 


Vloggi is a tool that allows organisations to easily collect and manage video at scale, with re-use permissions granted at the time of upload. Vloggi’s main use cases include community engagement, external marketing and internal communication. 


SnapSea specialises in sourcing publicly-available user-generated images and obtaining re-use permissions. SnapSea's main use cases are to enhance and bolster brands' visual content stores, engage with their audiences via social media platforms and share visual asset libraries.


“We see great synergies in our two product sets,” said Justin Wastnage, founder and CEO of Vloggi. “Increasingly companies are looking for both public and private user-generated content and this partnership allows us to work with a leader in the public social media rights management space to deliver that service to our clients”. 


Cody Dillabough, managing director of SnapSea said: “Public user-generated content offers brands the opportunity to take advantage of a plethora of authentic and timely content available at their fingertips. However, in the public sphere, impactful video content can be much more difficult to source and license via social media platforms. We hope this partnership with Vloggi will enable us to offer both public and private user-generated content and round out our product offering to clients.”


Private user-generated content is increasingly being used by companies for market research or feedback on products. Wastnage said: “Some of the content can then be used in marketing, with the contributors' consent. “Our clients like to call our system 'controlled authenticity’ since they can moderate content prior to publishing content on social media. Traditional user-generated contests rely on hashtags, where all the content –good and bad– is available for all to see. For more sensitive brands or issues-based organisations, private user-generated content is preferred.”


“With the rise of video creation and improvements in content delivery networks, we have seen a significant move towards video by brands and consumers alike. With the direct upload capabilities of Vloggi and the creator discovery tools of SnapSea, our clients can enable their brand advocates and ambassadors to upload videos already captured on their phones,” said Dillabough. 


The partnership will evolve into a technology sharing partnership in 2022, with leading elements of both parties’ software available to each other’s clients.


About Vloggi

Founded in 2018, Sydney tech startup Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups.

About SnapSea

Founded in 2020, SnapSea's intuitive visual marketing platform utilises first-in-class AI curation to help brands identify, source and acquire re-use rights to the most impactful visual content available on social media today.

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