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New: Segmented Searches, Whitelist/Blacklist and Internal Comments

SnapSea has added new features to help your team collaborate!

June 22, 2022
We know how important it is for your team to collaborate and make the workflow easier and more efficient. Read this post to find out more about the latest SnapSea updates.

Save your Search Segments

Our new Saved Searches feature allows you to segment content that you are searching for in SnapSea for quick access. Do you have multiple themes or accounts you frequently search? Saved Searches allows you to save these search queries and quickly view a segment of your content at any time. 

Want to learn more about Saved Searches and how you can manage UGC? Request a demo now.

Account Whitelists & Blacklists

The Whitelist & Blacklist setting now allows SnapSea users the flexibility to either block or pass through content from individual users. 

By adding a user to your Whitelist, our curation engine will curate all content from the indicated content creator. Never worry about missing another important post from your local businesses, partners or influencers.

In contrast, you can block all content from particular creators if you’d like to filter out future content from appearing in your feed. 

In the Collect tab of your account, click 'Settings' to edit Whitelisted and Blacklisted users.

Internal Comments & Collaboration

SnapSea now allows you to share ideas and collaborate with your team on individual files within your library. We all know that collaboration is key to the inner workings of a strong team - why not log your comments and questions within your digital asset management system? Internal comments allow you to log feedback, ask questions and truly understand the content across your library.

User Metrics

Track the usage and adoption across your team to stay on top of your team’s file usage by accessing individual user reports within your Insights tab.

Need a custom report or advanced analytics? Let’s chat.

For more information on how to utilise UGC to maximise your brand, head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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