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New: Introducing the Media Centre, Collections and more!

A note from our Founder on the latest version of SnapSea.

Cody Dillabough
November 18, 2021
Discover the latest and greatest features within the SnapSea visual marketing platform.

It has been an exciting (albeit busy) 11 months since we released the first version of SnapSea into production. And today, I am proud to announce that thanks to our wonderful clients, concerted development efforts and a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease, we have now successfully launched a complete overhaul to our platform. 

This latest version of SnapSea encompasses our learnings through thousands and thousands of images and videos acquired by our client base, countless conversations with clients and creators alike and a thoughtful approach to user experience. 

We are excited to announce the introduction of several new features, including but not limited to: a shareable Media Centre, Collections and embedded galleries and a detailed glimpse into your network of content creators. 

Introducing the Media Centre

Share your Media Library with external partners

Clients now have access to establish a public-facing Media Centre comprising of their hosted assets available to trusted partners and clients. By adding trusted emails, external partners can be provided access to the contents of the client's media library with the ability to download and view hosted assets of that client.

Introducing Collections

Generate galleries at the click of a button

Collections are a unique way of organising your visual assets into galleries, both embedded or accessible via a direct link. If you would like to highlight a particular destination, product or event of your brand, you can organise assets into simplified galleries to display via your website or social media presence.

Introducing Creators

The newly added creators tab allows for the easy identification of the top creators within your direct network. By highlighting your top creators, you can collaborate with these creators directly, communicate with them for enhanced insight into what makes your brand special. This intimate relationship with your customers can facilitate an understanding of why they have gone to such lengths to post about your brand, allowing you to create an increasingly robust product array for your customers.

Alongside these new features, we have sped up upload times, made the approval process more enjoyable for content creators and enhanced several features in the curation process.

To learn more about how SnapSea could help your brand acquire high-quality imagery, send us a note at [email protected] or request a personalised demo here.

For more information on how to utilise UGC to maximise your brand head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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