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Social Media Trends in 2022

Learn and manage this year’s social media trends to improve your marketing strategies.

Tam Nguyen
September 20, 2022
Social media is a tricky whirlwind platform that requires a lot of research to understand and stay up to date. For a brand, nothing is worse than losing an opportunity to potential viral trends. Approaching the end of the third quarter, we want to put together a list of social media trends to keep you in the loop.

Get an overview of Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media is a tricky whirlwind platform that requires a lot of research to understand and stay up to date. For a brand, nothing is worse than losing an opportunity to potential viral trends. Approaching the end of the third quarter, we want to put together a list of 2022 social media trends to keep you in the loop.

Building Creators community that drives conversion 

Big social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and many more have adopted the Creator fund and features to support them. Creators can be anyone that contributes to social media content, and as of right now there are 50 million creators around the world. 

With the maturation of creators, brands tend to aim at popular influencers with higher follower counts. These creators are popular for their personalised content that caters to their unique audience and platform. 

Care less about the perceived image, and more about relevancy

With social media trends this year, many brands also build their popularity as a creator. Duolingo, Gymshark, and RyanAir are relevant examples of successful content creators. Each brand can build brand personality through the use of social media. 

Duolingo and RyanAir create “unhinged” content that relates to many of their audience. These two accounts disregard the glamorous expectations of a brand and aim for relevancy regardless of what they post. Gymshark, on the other hand, constructs an aesthetic and healthy lifestyle that inspires many. 

Here’s a good take-away: relatable/ original content >>> commercial content. 

TikTok continues to flourish as brands generate conversion

Social media trends in 2022 cannot overlook the influence TikTok has on brands. 

TikTok currently holds over 750 million users with no signs of a stunt. That made TikTok the 4th most popular social media platform after Instagram. 

As a video content platform, TikTok allows all users to display their lifestyles. Selling lifestyles has never been bigger and easier. Users are now more attracted to User Generated Content (UGC) than commercial advertising. This gives businesses another path to purchase. Immediately leverage the resources and trends on TikTok to connect with your potential consumers. 

Optimising User Generated Content (UGC)

Using UGC is a highly recommended strategy when trying to establish a connection with your followers. People looking for reviews can rely on user evangelists as real testimonials. Customer reviews are regarded as being 12 times more trustworthy than marketing produced by brands. 

Many brands have already taken over the platform with embedded ads that increase conversion rates. Depending on what kind of ad you run on TikTok, your conversion rate will vary. Topview ads have an average click-through rate of 16%, takeover ads are between 7-10%, and in-feed ads are between 5 and 7%.

Learn more on how to engage User Generated Content here

Short video contents receive better performances 

Consumer average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds! 

Shorter video contents is a one of the social media trends in 2022.

This is a crucial fact when designing content and advertisements. With a busy schedule, people want the most information with the least amount of effort. 8 seconds is all you have to pitch your idea. The marketing challenge now is to fit all the great ideas into just a few seconds. 

Following the footsteps of TikTok, Instagram introduces and pushes Instagram Reels content. Instagram reels allow you to edit, post and promote video content. To maximise engagement rate, keep your reels between 7 to 15 seconds long. At this duration, your reels will loop and increase views. The algorithm will pick up high-performance reels and push them to more users. 

Read our blog for more tips on How to increase Instagram followers.

Livestream e-commerce is taking over 

Livestream shopping is a growth strategy that allows users to order online by watching marketers demonstrate their products on Livestream. After the surge of online shopping over the past 2 years, people have acclimated to buying online. 

Last year, the segment market in China was worth $300 billion which covered 12% of retail sales and is expected to double in 2023. Similarly, the number in the US will rise from $11 billion to $25 billion in 2023. 

Many platforms recognise this trend and have developed functions to support it. Google is investing in Youtube live, Facebook has Facebook Live and TikTok has TikTok Shop running in a few countries. Other potential platforms like Pinterest and Amazon are also in the process of developing their e-commerce platform.

How is livestream effective? 

It is entertaining and quick!

Imagine working a long shift or having those bad days and just wanting to take a break from work. You hop on social media and scroll past your friends having their best lives. Suddenly you feel left out until you see a passionate influencer/ marketer. They talk to you and excitedly introduce you to their product. You feel engaged and interested, and hopefully will purchase something.


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