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Why Destinations Should Embrace UGC

Whether you're an experienced destination marketer or you're just starting out, power-up your strategy with user-generated content.

Scarlette Alexandra De Gregorio
May 12, 2022
Want to attract more visitors to your destination? User-generated content (UGC) should be a staple of every marketer, learn how to use it to elevate your brand.

User-generated content and tourism: a road to success

A satisfied customer is always the key to success for any brand.

Whether promoting a destination, attraction or hospitality business, satisfied visitors or customers can become spokespeople for your brand in both the real and digital world.

This is a great opportunity for travel brands to connect with new potential audiences on the back of their ambassadors' word-of-mouth marketing.

User-generated content ("UGC"): what it is and why use it in your travel marketing campaigns?

UGC as a category refers to content generated by your customers, visitors or individuals not affiliated with your brand.

Content can be a photo, a blog post, a review, or a video shared on social networks.

A common factor for the most effective user-generated content is that it is a digital asset and therefore can be reused and shared with a large audience.

Other benefits of UGC for travel marketers

Effective UGC helps to build customer loyalty as you allow and encourage your visitors to have a voice in your brand's marketing direction. Through social proof (the trust generated from unbiased and unbranded content), UGC has the power to influence and impact new audiences more than traditional advertising.

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People tend to put a lot of trust in the opinions of their friends, family (or even strangers) especially if this is documented by powerful imagery or visual content shared directly or indirectly with them.

With new technologies and social networks, your tourists or locals can generate spontaneous virtual word-of-mouth, which can be harnessed by your marketing teams through a UGC platform.

A good travel marketing strategy must therefore consider encouraging and involving past visitors, and capitalising on shared user-generated content as a way to gain trust and visibility.

The outer Hebrides: a successful example

We at SnapSea really care about our clients' success. That’s why we built a Visual Marketing Platform to help travel and tourism brands acquire the rights to and effectively use the best content from social media.

Acquire commercial use rights to stunning visuals, manage and organise all your organisation's visual assets and share content that converts on all your marketing channels.

We truly believe there has always been a strong link between travel and visuals, and the advent of social media and Instagram has made sharing photographs an even more important part indicator of a place's success.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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