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Why Using User-Generated Video on Socials is Extremely Valuable

Video is an increasingly powerful medium. Use user-generated video to maximum effect in your social media strategy.

Danielle Stringer
March 3, 2022
Your brand’s perception is being shaped by user-generated video. Repurpose these videos on your social media channels to tell your story in a way that images can't.

You're confident that your product or service has exceptional performance qualities, offers everyday functionality, and is priced competitively. However, you may be asking yourself, "How can we make our offering even more desirable in order to see an uptick in new and recurring consumers?"

The answer can be achieved through user-generated video. 

Seeing is believing. And one of the most effective ways to advertise your offering is through user-generated video. Static images, of course, can have their use cases: a website hero banner or an embedded photo in an email. However, user-generated video increases the likelihood of converting leads into loyal customers because of their ability to elicit strong emotional responses in a short period of time.

User-generated video is produced by an average end-user rather than a professional organisation. The creative end-users behind the camera could be a millennial shooting A-roll footage on their Nikon camera or a Gen Z taking a few short video clips from their iPhone.

Regardless of the age group or filmmaking method, this authentic type of video will intrigue your audience, entice them to learn more about your offering, and encourage them to buy!

3 ways user-generated video is valuable on social media

More comprehensive than static images

Vloggi, a video collection tool, is a master of crowdsourcing used by organisations in the tourism, consumer goods, education, and tech sectors. With Vloggi, organisations encourage previous customers to upload footage, testimonials, and reviews using a unique URL. 

As one of the leading tire retailers, Jax Tyres & Auto adopted Vloggi to obtain user-generated video content highlighting their 4x4 tires' outstanding performance. Before using Vloggi, almost all of the content their customers were sharing on social media consisted of static images. Without a video capturing the heavy-duty hauling capabilities of these Tyres, an image can only convey so much.

When Jax Tyres & Auto opened up the floor to their existing customer base for video submissions, they received an influx of impressive and enthralling footage. More customers began to upload video content, as they liked the idea of potentially having their submission featured on Instagram and Facebook (a true 15-minutes of fame moment!).

Shorter production time

It is recommended to post between 1-2 times per day. All of your postings can't be static images; therefore, a need for video content surfaces but at what cost? You don't want to fall behind when creating a budget, writing a script, and securing proper filming locations all for one video. 

User-generated videos allow organisations to tell their story, demonstrate their product's value, and convey more extensive amounts of information—all with footage shot by previous fans. This short production time translates into faster turnaround times, allowing you to post more content (at a far greater speed) to your social channels.

Jason Pischke on Unsplash

Creates a diversified social media feed

With 54% of consumers hoping to see more video content from a brand, it should come as no surprise that including user-generated video will lead to an increase in engagement rates.

SnapSea, an AI-powered visual marketing platform, is designed to help destination marketing organisations (“DMOs”) discover unique yet intriguing user-generated videos that speak to their audience’s needs. And, that can be immediately reposted to their social media channels once the rights are acquired. 

Specific individuals might want to watch a video in the form of a verbal review, and others long for a video that shows more behind-the-scenes content (i.e., a video full of jaw-dropping, scenic landscapes). Whichever the need, user-generated video reigns supreme.

The Outer Hebrides, a DMO located off the west coast of Scotland, knows how to get a few more eyes on their Instagram account. Compiling user-generated footage from their past visitors, The Outer Hebrides created a #SpacetoWarmYourSoul video series. Each video attests to the local wildlife, blissful beaches, and ancient ruins that make these interconnected islands a place to marvel at and unwind.

Keeping your audience engaged throughout the process of building brand awareness to influence purchase decisions requires the correct type of visuals on social media. Take the wheel and show your creative side by incorporating user-generated video into your monthly posting regime. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

For more information on how to utilise UGC to maximise your brand, head back to SnapSea or give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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The latest from the SnapSea team
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