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Insights Into Your Destination's Performance

Analyse your content’s performance across channels to determine what content converts for your brand. SnapSea’s analytics suite monitors and tracks your social accounts, approval rates and conversions.

Identify your best-performing content to set your place apart from the competition.
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City of London Corporation
paid advertising campaign on instagram with user-generated content
Grow your audience, the smart way
The most effective way to build your audience on any medium is to share content that allows your audience to connect with your place and the brand behind it. Track and monitor the effectiveness of your shared content across all channels.
Encouraging past visitors to share positive experiences about your attraction or place is the most effective form of marketing. Engage with your visitors and establish a community of ambassadors through SnapSea’s UGC approval process.
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paid advertising campaign on instagram with user-generated content
graphic showing increase in engagement rate on a social media posts with user-generated content marketing
Identify hashtags that help you achieve your goals
Identify effective hashtags, plentiful sources of content and establish hashtag groups to ensure you are sharing content to the right audiences.
FOLLOW Hashtags
Monitor the activity on hashtags that are relevant to your travel brand and understand whether or not your content will find the right audience amongst the clutter.
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creation of an instagram post with user-generated content
Social media analytics, made simple
Discover content that performs most effectively across your preferred social channels. Track campaigns and engagement figures to optimise your organisation’s ROI.
Organise social posts into campaigns to monitor the effectiveness of particular campaigns relative to others.
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creation of an instagram post with user-generated content
funnel marketing and performance improvement with user-generated content marketing
Insights to create successful travel marketing campaigns
SnapSea’s visual marketing platform for travel and tourism brands was designed to power successful travel marketing campaigns.

By providing you with assistance in finding the best performing user-generated content, managing that content within our digital asset management (DAM) and sharing the content at the click of a button to your channels, SnapSea’s all-in-one solution makes create the next best travel campaign a snap.
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a mockup of a chat requesting the rights to use a user-generated content
Find and identify brand ambassadors and untapped creators
Creator Search
Search through SnapSea’s database of travel creators, influencers and amateur photographers to find the right creator for your campaign. Search and filter by engagement, past content and more.
Creator and Influencer Lists
Create, share and organise lists of creators for future collaboration, paid ads or campaigns to attract more visitors to your destination.
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a mockup of a chat requesting the rights to use a user-generated content
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Together we can craft campaigns that speak volumes
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