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Embeddable galleries, maps and more.

Easily generate and embed dynamic web galleries, and attraction maps to help convert interested travellers into real visitors.

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No code required

Embed galleries and maps quickly with no custom code - simply copy and paste to your websites.

Apply branding that fits

Brand your embeddable assets and media centres by modifying hero images, colours and buttons.

Control access levels

Define access levels for sections of your member's hub and media centre and ensure that only rights-approved assets appear publicly.

Embedded web galleries

Drive conversions and engage with visitors with multilingual call-to-action buttons on your embedded galleries.

Interactive maps

Enhance your website and keep travellers engaged with interactive maps to highlight attractions and events.

Schedule and share

Automate social media posts by scheduling directly from SnapSea's scheduling tool.

Media centre

Share access to  your Media Library (or parts of it) through an access-controlled, customisable media centre.

Share with just a link

Effortlessly share links to specific folders, subfolders, collections, and content.

A robust link-in-bio solution

Create a fully-customisable link-in-bio page to drive conversions from social media.


Share your strongest content across all channels

Automate social sharing, embed powerful web assets and generate access controlled media centres.

Auto attribution

We'll automatically add photo attribution to scheduled posts

Hashtag groups

Easily create reusable hashtag groups for your captions

Expiration controls

Expired assets will be automatically removed from public spaces

Watch SnapSea in action.

Watch a 3-minute introduction to SnapSea - the user-generated content platform for destinations.

Watch a demo
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Watch SnapSea in Action
Watch a 3-minute personalised introduction to the SnapSea platform.
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