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Collect authentic visitor visual content.

Acquire visual content shared by visitors and locals alike to capture diverse and impactful imagery and videos to make your destination stand out.

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Source user content

SnapSea sources content automatically from social media every 24 hours that is produced about your destination through #hashtags and @mentions.

Curated content for you

Our AI+ models  filter out spam, inappropriate and irrelevant content so you only see the best content available to your destination.

Automate rights requests

Easily request commercial use rights to content with SnapSea's intuitive rights request process.

Rights management

Easily request rights to content and retain important rights information within your library.

Upload links

Collect content from visitors through your website or email marketing campaigns with upload links.

Boost engagement with contests

Collect and shortlist contest submissions and generate voting screens to share.

Discover creators

Track destination content creators and request directly from their creator page.

High-resolution assets

Automatically prompt your visitors to share even higher resolution copies of the images and videos with you.

Request from a link

Copy a link to any social media post to request any asset shared on social media.


Get more of what you need

The most feature rich user-generated content platform built for destination marketing organisations.

Saved searches

Segment common searches and queries.

Hashtag analytics

Identify content trends on tracked hashtags

Filter & search

Date range, user, hashtag. media type and more

Whitelist accounts

Request directly from your trusted partners

Video support

Full video, reel, carousel and image support

Custom rights

Add in optional levels of rights to your requests

Watch SnapSea in action.

Watch a 3-minute introduction to SnapSea - the user-generated content platform for destinations.

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Watch SnapSea in Action
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