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Transform the way you market travel

Building relationships with past and future travellers has never been more important. Utilise SnapSea’s suite of travel marketing tools to promote your place with authentic content.

Grow your brand’s credibility, audience and revenue potential through your satisfied visitors.
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City of London Corporation
comment on instagram to request rights on a user generated content
Connecting brands with travellers and locals
Encouraging past visitors to share positive experiences about your attraction or place is the most effective form of marketing. Engage with your visitors and establish a community of ambassadors through SnapSea’s user-generated content (UGC) approval process.
Share compelling UGC across your digital channels to tap into network effects and expand your reach across new audiences.
More UGC features
comment on instagram to request rights on a user generated content
instagram posts with user generated content
Create communities around your place
Building relationships with past and future visitors behind a screen is a challenging task. Use authentic and impactful visuals to facilitate the story of your brand. Sharing real experiences is the most effective way of generating social proof and credibility for your blossoming brand.
Search through SnapSea’s database of travel creators, influencers and amateur photographers to find the right creator for your campaign. Search and filter by engagement, past content and more.
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engagement rate increase wit user generated content marketing
Rethink your visual marketing strategy
Not only does user-generated content (UGC) provide a wide breadth and quantity of visuals that your travel brand could be utilising, but it also opens the door to more creative campaigns, galleries and pages that can be shared across your online and offline channels.

Our customer success team and marketing specialist will work with your brand to ensure we can dream up the right campaign to inspire new audiences to experience your place for themselves.
How to harness the power of UGC
engagement rate increase wit user generated content marketing
user generated content curation
Discover authentic experiences from your visitors
Ever wondered what people are sharing about your brand? What experience stuck in their mind? Was it positive or negative? Discover your past visitors’ feelings through content shared across social networks and keep an eye on your visitors’ true sentiments.
Let content drive your marketing campaigns forward. Find the ideal piece of content to power a new powerful initiative to inspire future visitors.
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