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SnapSea’s market-leading user-generated content (UGC) platform helps you discover and acquire the rights to the best content to promote your travel and tourism brand.

Discover, source and share content that tells your story.
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Find the needle in the haystack
SnapSea’s user-generated content (UGC) platform sources content from the largest social networks each and every night to bring you the most relevant content for your travel brand.
SnapSea’s market-leading SmartCurate, powered by artificial intelligence and content experts filters down the troves of UGC to show you relevant, high-quality visuals that will attract travellers to your place.
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digital asset management
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Acquire UGC from happy visitors
Satisfied visitors are your travel brand’s greatest asset. Their experiences, reviews and visuals generate word-of-mouth marketing that can reach new audiences, encourage in and out-of-network travellers and act as the key driver behind your brand’s growth.
SnapSea creates and stores a digital handshake between you and your content creators to ensure rights-approved visuals are consented to and retained.
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A visual marketing platform for travel and tourism brands
SnapSea was created to facilitate the safe, quick and effective acquisition of UGC for brands in the travel and tourism industry.  With years of experience working with local authorities, destinations, attractions and hospitality providers, the SnapSea platform is a perfect tool to add to a modern travel marketer’s arsenal.

Beyond acquiring the best UGC, travel and tourism brands host brand-owned assets and utilise SnapSea’s feature reach digital asset management (DAM) solution to manage all assets across their organisation.

Once you are ready to share your content with stakeholders, partners and travellers, our suite of sharing tools allows you to identify the channel and content to make your next campaign more effective than the last.
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successful instagram posts with user-generated content
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Digital asset management made easy
SnapSea’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is built for visual content. Quickly identify your uploaded or acquired visuals, organise folders, create collections and empower your team to be in full control of your content.
Always ensure you are using the right piece of content by referencing important metadata about the approval process that is retained on all your acquired assets.
Define user groups to make sure your folders are being accessed by the right partners and external parties.
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Make your content work for you
Spend more time focusing on creating the next big campaign for your place and less time managing the distribution and organisation of your content.

SnapSea’s intuitive platform takes the headache out of managing rights, requests and sharing your assets with your organisation, external parties and your audiences.
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instagram paid ad with user-generated content featuring a traveller in London
engagement rate growth through visual marketing
Maximise your organisation’s potential
Transform the way you source, manage and share your user-generated or branded content.

SnapSea powers local and global travel brands, facilitating the storage, organisation and sharing of your brand’s key visual assets.

Our unique platform was built specifically for the travel and tourism industry and our team’s years of experience within the sector means that the SnapSea platform has been built with your needs in mind.
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